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Are you active duty military and looking for an auto loan?
Get pre-qualified for auto financing today!

Since 1986, SNAAC has focused on serving active duty military in all five branches — Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. As a specialty financial services company for auto lending, we work with military service members across the range of credit scores. Whether you are active duty military who has good credit, a past credit fumble, a limited credit history, or are looking to finance your first car, try SNAAC first.  

Our specialization in military lending has empowered us to cater to the unique concerns of our customers in the armed forces – like how to handle payments during a PCS, end of service commitment / ETS transition, or a deployment. Because of this, SNAAC is the best choice for an early-career service member wishing to buy a first car, or a more established military member who seeks to secure financing for a new or used vehicle.

Complete the application by choosing a SNAAC-select dealer on the map above, and then clicking on “Apply to Get Pre-Qualified”. In a few minutes, you could see your approval, and feel the confidence that comes with car shopping when you already know how much you can finance. 

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