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Unlike Credit Unions and Big Banks, SNAAC focuses exclusively on active duty military who have little or no credit, or who have bruised credit from past credit challenges, for car financing.

Forty percent of our loans are extended to first time car buyers with no credit or thin credit.

Time and again, we help servicemembers get more car — whether it’s pre-approval for a higher amount, or working with the dealer to approve their military customer for a newer (or even NEW) car with fewer miles. Our dealers (and their customers!) are pleasantly surprised when we are able to finance for more than they may get elsewhere, and often at a comparable or lower rate.

SNAAC approves first timers AND lower FICO score customers more. Either way, we make sure your dealership can exceed expectations of your military car loan buyers! 

We’re not for every dealership. We only serve military, and only active duty enlisted. 

If your dealership serves those who serve, partner with SNAAC to help you to offer them more. You win, and your customer wins! Complete the simple dealer form to get started today.

Dealer gives keys to a new car to servicemember.
We enjoy working with our dealers to get your military customer the best possible auto financing. Plus, 4 of 5 approval decisions are nearly instant, and time to fund is industry leading.