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Both you and your buddy can earn cash when you refer other active duty military servicemembers to get pre-qualified!

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Enter up to 5 Servicemembers at a time. For every referral that becomes a SNAAC customer within 30 days, you will receive and the referral will receive !

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Referral Terms and Conditions

  1. “You” and “Your” means the person providing the referral name and contact information. “Referral” means the person whose name and contact information You are providing to participate in this Referral Program (“Program”).
  2. The Referral must be a member of the United States active duty military.
  3. To participate in the Program, You consent to receive calls and text messages using an automatic telephone dialing system or otherwise, and agree that SNAAC may leave You a voice, prerecorded, or artificial voice message, or send You a text, email, or other electronic message via automated technology to the telephone number(s) You have provided to SNAAC by any means. You agree that we may call You, using an automatic telephone dialing system or otherwise, leave You a voice, prerecorded, or artificial voice message, or send You a text, email, or other electronic message for any purpose (each a “Communication”). You agree that we may send a Communication to any telephone numbers, including cellular telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses You provided to us in connection with Your participation in this Program or at any time in the future. You acknowledge and confirm that You have the authority to provide the consent because You are either the subscriber of the telephone number(s) or You are the non-subscriber customary user who has authority to provide the consent. You also agree that we may include Your personal information in Communication. You agree that we will not charge You for a Communication, but Your service provider may. In addition, You understand and agree that we may always communicate with You in any manner permissible by law that does not require Your prior consent.
  4. You authorize the sending of emails to each Referral regarding the Program on the Referrer’s behalf by. Returned/invalid email addresses and non-deliverable addresses are not the responsibility of SNAAC. Due to the confidential nature of the process, SNAAC cannot disclose information on who has applied, nor will You be notified whether SNAAC approves or declines any application(s) from the Referral(s) You refer. However, by participating in the Program, You agree that SNAAC may disclose to the Referral that You are a customer or a referrer of SNAAC.
  5. Eligibility for a Referral Program Reward
    1. Each Referral must be manually entered by You. Any submission or entry deemed to be made by or aided by software, bots, data aggregation programs, or spamming techniques will be rejected.
    2. Each Referral must be received by SNAAC prior to SNAAC receiving a Referral’s credit application.
    3. Each Referral remains eligible for a Program Reward for calendar days beginning on the date a Referral was submitted.
    4. Referrals must complete their financing transaction with their dealership and that finance contract must be received by SNAAC before the Referral expires.
    5. A Program Reward will be paid for each Referral that obtains and finalizes financing through SNAAC before the Referral expires.
    6. Duplicate Referrals are not permitted. If You or someone else both submit the same Referral and neither Referral has expired, the earliest submission will earn the Referral Program Reward, if any.
  6. SNAAC will make a reasonable attempt to contact You when a Referral has obtained financing through SNAAC. Please contact SNAAC if Your contact information changes.
  7. Once Your earned amount meets the IRS income threshold, IRS Form W9 will be required. If You meet or exceed this amount in a calendar year, You will receive a 1099-MISC tax form from SNAAC after the end of the calendar year. Referral awards will be withheld until IRS form W9 is completed and returned to SNAAC.
  8. Each amount received by You or the Referral may be reported as income to the IRS, state, and local tax authorities if required by applicable law. You and the Referral are solely responsible for any federal, state, and/or local taxes.
  9. SNAAC reserves the right to cancel or modify its Referral Program for any reason or no reason without notice. SNAAC reserves the right to adjust the referral reward amount and/or referral expiration period for future referrals (increase or decrease) without notice. Reward values and referral expiration dates for existing, acting referrals will remain unchanged.
  10. No purchase or commitment is necessary to participate (i.e. submit referrals) in the SNAAC referral program.
  11. SNAAC is not responsible or has obligation to any party for any reason for incomplete, misdirected or lost Referral submissions. By submitting a Referral or by visiting this site, You agree to the Terms of Use available by the link below. Participation by any party, by any means, in the Referral Program is not an offer, guarantee, promise, approval, extension, or grant of credit, product, or service to any party for any reason. Participation in this program and/or receipt of any rewards under this program does not constitute or create in any manner or understanding an employment, agent, agency, partnership, subcontractor, or any relationship between You, the Referral, and SNAAC. SNAAC, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to delete, discard or reject any submission, or deny payment of any Program Reward for any reason including but not limited to, fraud, misuse, manipulation, misrepresentation, or suspected violation of any law or regulation.
  12. SNAAC employees, dealership employees, and family members are not eligible to participate in SNAAC’s Referral Program in any manner.